System 3700-DD Numeric Labels

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Compatible: Acme KKLDOM, Barkely DAVM, DSTN, DSFM, DSDM and more..., Col-R-Tab 112000, Save-Tyme System 1
Size: 1"H x 1 1/2"W
Label Type: Double-Digit Numeric
Quantity : 500 Roll
Label Surface: Laminated

Each 10 digit sequence repeats 50 times per roll.

Corresponding double digit systems available to match most single digit numeric systems.

Colors shown in catalog may vary slightly from product color.

Colors vary according to the system.

Replace (#) with system number when ordering.

SKU#: 3700-DD, 3710-DD, 3720-DD, 3730-DD, 3740-DD, 3750-DD, 3760-DD, 3770-DD, 3780-DD, 3790-DD

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