Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels

Maximize Space with 360º Branding

The HP Indigo digital 7-color press, with inline spectrophotometer, improves the ability to match spot colors and provides consistent high quality print with up to 812 dpi at 8 bit resolution. Reverse printing on the inside of clear heat shrink film provides scratch, fade, and moisture resistance, making shrink sleeves ideal for refrigerated or high moisture environments.

Offering PVC, PETG, and OPS shrink materials with the ability to add spot or floodcoat varnishes, metallic inks, textured print, and a variety of foils. Enhance your design by adding texture print to the outside of the sleeve or a metallic cold foil for eye-catching graphics. Opaque sleeves are also available for cover up applications.

FSI offers full body shrink sleeves, combo packs and tamper evident perforated sleeves either in rolls for automatic application or individually sheeted for hand application.

Ideal for: Craft beer, soda, coffee, tea, wine, pirits, energy shots, anything beverage, nutraceuticals, health and beauty, cannabis, neck seals, liquid food products, cleaning products, CBD, candles.

Shrink Sleeve Capabilities

  • 7-color press + opaque white: Digital Indigo Printing – CMYKOVGW
  • Flexographic printing for long runs: Print up to 10 colors in one pass
  • Variable printing & Mosaic software: Text, barcodes, data, images & backgrounds
  • No adhesive: Recycle or reuse the container. Spot heat activated adhesive is available.
  • Slit width from 44 mm to 498 mm
  • Perforations: Vertical, horizontal & T-perfs
  • Microtext
  • Free printed prototypes with all orders