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Moving into a new home or apartment can be both exciting and stressful. Make your move a little bit easier with the ARGO Easy Move Label System - the most comprehensive moving label system ever designed!

Argo Easy Move Labels simplify the packing and moving process by organizing and tracking every item that you will move. Easy Move Labels come in three color-coded pieces so that boxes may be labeled on not one, but, three sides! First, you get a large, primary label with a list of contents that you can easily check off. Second, you get two smaller, secondary labels to apply to two other sides of the box for easy identification. This allows for easy identification when boxes are stacked or facing opposite directions.

In addition to the box labels, room identification labels are included so that the entryways to each room in the old house as well as the new house, may be color coordinated with the labels. This makes it easy for the movers to know exactly where boxes belong, taking out all of the guesswork and speeding up the entire process.

The Argo Easy Move labeling system is also ideal for those boxes that end up in storage for years, long after your move! It'll no longer be a mystery as to what's inside or where or to whom it belongs!


20 (x 3) - Kitchen
10 (x 3) - Livingroom / Greatroom
5 (x3) - Bathroom
30 (x3) - Master Bedroom
20 (x3) - Bedroom #2
20 (x3) - Bedroom #3
20 (x3) - Linen Closet
10 (x3) - Laundry
10 (x3) - Garage
10 (x3) - Attic/Crawl Space
15 (x3) - Misc #2
15 (x3) - Misc. #1
20 (x3) - Bedroom #4
5 (x3) - Bath #2
15 (x3) - Den/Library
10 (x3) - Family Room

15 (x3) - Dining Room

30 (x3) - Basement

Plus - 36 Room Divider labels (one for each room in both the old and new homes)

Total labels in package - 876

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