Commercial Labels – Custom Printed for Your Needs

We are highly experienced in special label applications requiring extra durability for harsher environments including: chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, moisture and humidity, solvent based washers, UV rays, water submersion and various weather elements.

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Food Safety Labels

FSI Label Company offers a variety of Food Safety and Rotation Labels, from shelf life to use-by labels. Our Food Safety labels will come in one of three different types of adhesive: ultra removable, cold temp, and dissolvable. They each have their own advantages to best suit your food service needs.

Ultra Removable: These labels are safe to use on almost all surfaces and will come off extremely easily, with no leftover residue to clean up!

Cold Temp: Labels made of cold temp adhesive are more durable with permanent adhesive that will hold up in colder conditions.

Dissolvable: Dissolvable adhesive will break down completely when submerged in water of any temperature, for easy removal.

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