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Food Safety & Rotation

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Food Safety & Rotation

Keep Your Food Safe

Almost all products have a shelf life, making it important to rotate products to avoid waste and ensure the quality is maintained by using the oldest first and discarding product that is past the date it is safe to use. FDA 2017 Food Code requires that all food is labeled for rotation using the oldest product first.  An organized system with standardized color coding can simplify the process of “first in/first out“ practice of rotation and reduce waste. Shelf life labels will help prevent the use of products that have exceeded their safe life cycle.

Why Food Rotation Labels?

Food rotation labels are cost-efficient and time-saving. With seven different colors representing each day of the week, it’s easier for employees to recognize when products are expired and need to be thrown out. They meet and exceed the minimum labeling standards required by the FDA Food Code. They also reduce food waste by keeping food quality high by rotating foods properly.

Food Safety and Rotation

Food rotation is an organizational process that ensures that the oldest products will be used first. When used, it can reduce spoilage, decrease food costs due to waste, and helps prevent food-borne illness outbreaks.

The FDA mandates that all prepared and repackaged food not consumed within 24 hours must be labeled with an expiration date. Printed food rotation labels help you practice proper first in – first out (FIFO) food rotation, which helps maintain quality and prevent food waste.

Food rotations have to clearly display the Use-By date and leave no bacteria-harboring adhesive behind.

Best Safety Practices

You not only want to serve food that is safe to eat, but you also want to serve the freshest food possible-because when it comes to taste, quality is important. Freshness, wholesomeness, taste, color, smell, and appearance are integral to the quality of food. Even when food smells bad, tastes sour, or turns strange colors, it may not make someone sick, but that lack of quality is usually what impacts customer satisfaction and repeat business. Food rotation labels help ensure you always serve the highest quality, freshest, and best tasting food possible.

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