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Custom Digital Label Printing

Digital Label Printing is a cost-effective alternative for your short to medium run labels with exceptional quality, and fast delivery. Digital label printing provides four color, high-quality digital stickers that surpass that of conventional litho printing. Because our labels are digital, there are no plate or film prep charges. What you see is truly what you get with our digital labels.

FSI Label’s Digital printing press delivers short to medium-run, full-color digital label printing. With sizes up to 8” x 30”. No plate or tooling charges provide affordable, professional quality labels without the added cost.


  • Specialty, organic and gourmet foods and beverages
  • Wineries, breweries and distilleries
  • Coffee roasters and specialty teas
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Nutriceuticals and vitamins
  • Private labeling
  • And more


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