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Commercial Labels

Commercial Labels – Custom Printed for Your Needs!

Product packaging is a highly critical facet of the production, sales and distribution of just about every item ever produced.

And a key component of product packaging is a label. Labels tend to be underestimated and undervalued and yet they play numerous important roles in the manufacturing and distribution of virtually any commodity: they identify, they educate, they warn, they entice, and they communicate. Never underestimate the power of a label!

For more than four decades, FSI Label Company has worked to develop high quality, cost effective, unique label solutions that perform perfectly to fit each customer’s needs. We are highly experienced in special label applications requiring extra durability for harsher environments including: chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, moisture and humidity, solvent based washers, UV rays, water submersion and various weather elements.


Whatever the application, FSI is committed to finding the ideal labeling solution to meet your expectations. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.
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