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45 Years Of Label Making Experience

45 yr FSI Label Co-a

1971 – 2016

Forty-five years ago, our father, Albie J. Roman, started a company called Filing Systems, Inc. in the basement of our home, the same year as:

  • Satchel Paige became the 1st Negro League player elected to the baseball Hall of Fame
  • Apollo 14 returned to Earth
  • The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution was certified thereby lowering the voting age to 18
  • Walt Disney World opened in Bay Lake, Florida
  • Bobby Orr signed a five-year contract with the Boston Bruins worth one million dollars – the first million dollar contract in NHL history
  • 1st Class postage was increased to 8 cents from 6 cents
  • The American League won the 42nd All Star Baseball game, 6 – 4,
    at Tiger Stadium in Detroit
While it may not have been regarded a newsworthy story, the startup of his own business was a life-changing event for this 36 year old young man, who had once been offered a deal from the Baltimore Orioles, which he passed up in favor of starting a family.
Owning his own business was a dream come true for our father. And even though it was not always a smooth road, he thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey and welcomed each challenge along the way as an opportunity to find a resolution and to learn and grow. He truly believed that in business and in life in general, every problem or negative event or occurrence would yield something positive. This usually proved to be true!
Over the course of 32 years, Albie Roman grew the business, now called FSI Label Company, from a small start-up company that sold shelving units to clinics and doctor’s offices, banks and legal firms within the State of Michigan, to a company that sells labeling solutions to hundreds of medical, automotive and commercial industries nationwide.
Our father believed in always offering a quality product at a fair price – no matter what. He believed in treating people fairly and respectfully – no matter their title or position in life. He was a man of great integrity, faith, humor and devotion to his family, to his employees and to his business. Our father’s business philosophies and practices have been the guiding force in all we do. We truly believe that this is the reason we have been able to weather the economic instabilities throughout the past thirteen years.
We will carry on our father’s legacy by continuously striving to maintain the highest standards in regards to the products we manufacture, the customer service we provide and in the treatment of our valued employees and customers alike. We are committed to growing and evolving with our customers throughout the next forty-five years in order to meet their ever-changing needs and requirements.
We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the many years ahead!
Emily M. Kopko, President
Christopher A. Roman, Vice President

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